Final Class Post……

Hello Everyone,

This will be my final post for my FDOM class, but I am not leaving you because I really enjoy blogging from time to time. I found that blogging here on WordPress is a very effective tool to market your brand. I would have to say that most social media sites provide you with an outlet to be able to market yourself.

I think snapchat would have to be my least favorite social media tool. Honestly, once I actually learn to use it correctly I am pretty sure I will become obsessed, but for now I am a fan of WordPress, instagram, and twitter.

I would like for my blog to grow into a place that makeup lovers can come to to see whats new and happening or just to see some swatches to help with their purchasing decisions. I will continue to use WordPress, instagram, and twitter to market my brand. This Blog post is bittersweet as it is my last assignment before graduation, and I cannot wait. Good Bye Texas State University!

Texas State University – Round Rock Campus

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.34.38 AM.png

Photo taken by Chevy Monique


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