About Me

Hello Everyone!


My name is Chevy Monique, and welcome to my blog. I am 29 years young, and will be graduating from Texas State University in Fall of 2015. I am so excited for what my future has in store for me. I am absolutely in love with all things Beauty. I embrace my girly side to the fullest extent. My motto is One life, One chance.

I have always wanted to start this blog, but I am finally putting my words into action.I am creating this blog in part for my FDOM class at Texas State University, to express my vision, and to produce content that will help women embrace their beauty. I am a makeup fanatic, and I am in love with everything beauty related. From time to time I create content on my youtube channel involving natural hair and fashion. I plan to expand my content to include makeup as well.

I am a natural hair enthusiast, and enjoy trying and reviewing natural hair products. I may be just a tad bit addicted to buying new things. I love to try new hairstyles, and protective styling as well. Join me on my adventure to find the perfect product. ( or at least to see if it may even exist at all.)