Lorac Pro Mega 2 Palette !

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.03.33 PMPicture courtesy of ulta.com

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 2 became available at Ulta on October 4th! Some of us were able to pick this up a few days earlier at the pre-sale for Platinum members..

This palette has 32 shadows:  16 mattes and 16 shimmers.


  • 1st Row: Porcelain (matte), Custard (matte), Tawny (matte), Burlap (matte), Melon (matte), Tangerine (matte), Saddle (matte), Forest (matte)
  • 2nd Row: Bisque (matte), Lavender (matte), Purple (matte), Sorbet (matte), Goji (matte), Cabernet (matte), Ash (matte), Black (matte)
  • 3rd Row: Sugar (shimmer), Chiffon (shimmer), Prosecco (shimmer), Soft Plum (shimmer), Cinnamon (shimmer), Sandstone (shimmer), Gunmetal (shimmer), Blue Quartz (shimmer)
  • 4th Row: Moonlight (shimmer), Seashell (shimmer), Peony (shimmer), Dark Sienna (shimmer), Penny (shimmer), Olivine (shimmer), Gold Leaf (shimmer), Black Ivy (shimmer)

The Palette is still available for sale at Ulta for $59.00, but it is limited edition so snag this while you can!

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 5.19.25 PM

Picture courtesy of temptalia.com because we love her oh so much!

I have always wanted the regular Lorac Pro  and Lorac Pro 2 palettes, and I decided I couldn’t pass up on the Mega Pro 2 palette with the cost being so close to just one palette with all the colors that are included. I was surprised at how well this product blends and how creamy  the texture is. I wasn’t sure if I liked the colors in this as much as the regular Pro palette, but as soon as I swatched them I was just in love!!! The colors are so beautiful!


Holiday Beauty Steal 2015 Palette Edition – 2

Urban Decay
Vice4  $60.00 US


Picture Courtesy of Urban Decay

Now I am not sure if This one can be considered a Holiday palette, but since it is a New Limited Edition I think that’s good enough. The set is also Limited Edition so GRAB it while you can. The colors are so Gorgeous!!

This set contains:
– 20 shadows, 16 G / 0.6 OZ.
– Large mirror
– Double-ended shadow and crease brush
– Coordinating bag

  1. Bones (oyster satin with pearl)
  2. Grip (taupe matte with iridescent micro-glitter)
  3. Deadbeat (black satin with micro-glitter)
  4. Beat Down (deep metallic violet with blue micro-glitter)
  5. Pandemonium (metallic plum w/iridescent micro-glitter),
  6. Framed (light neutral matte-satin)
  7. Fast-ball (metallic peachy pink with micro-glitter)
  8. 1985 (metallic fuchsia with fuchsia micro-glitter)
  9. Underhand (burgundy-brown satin)
  10. Harlot (metallic lavender)
  11. Discreet (soft dusty mauve matte)
  12. Grasshopper (metallic emerald w/green micro-glitter)
  13. C-Note (frosted green with micro-glitter)
  14. Arctic (bright teal with tonal sparkle)
  15. Robbery (deep metallic brown-gunmetal)
  16. Bitter (reddish brown matte)
  17. Flame (bright orange with gold micro-glitter)
  18. Low (brown matte with iridescent micro-glitter)
  19. Crowbar (black with golden metallic pearl/micro-glitter)
  20. Delete (deep chestnut brown matte-satin)


The Urban Decay Vice4 eyeshadows are very pigmented, smooth, and creamy. I am in love with the texture of Urban decay eyeshadows. I have to say that they definitely did not disappoint when creating this palette. Urban Decay has released a series of Vice palettes with the Vice4 being their newest addition to this amazing collection.

Available for Sale at:
Urban Decay

Holiday Beauty Steal 2015 Palette Edition – 1

Make Up For Ever

15 Artist Shadow Pallet $59.00 US

~Limited Edition~
Makeupforever15artistshadow palette

Image courtesy of Sephora

The set is Limited Edition. (so GRAB it while you can) The 15 Artist Shadow Palette was recently released as a part of the Make Up For Ever Holiday Collection 2015. Makeup forever has (in my opinion) some of the BEST eyeshadows on the market today. They are very creamy, and pigmented. The shades included are listed below:

1.    I 528 Pearl
2.    S 522 Pinky Nude
3.    I 550 Olive Gray
4.    I 524 Pink Beige
5.    I 662 Amber Brown
6.    D 826 Fig
7.    I 916 Frosted Mauve
8.    I 922 Electric Purple
9.    D 830 Black Rose
10.   D 236 Lagoon Blue
11.   S 228 Petrol Blue
12.   ME 216 Electric Blue
13.   ME 122 Snow
14.   S 114 Pearl Gray
15.   S 102 Onyx


IMG_0460 -1



This set contains:

– 15 shadows / 0.06 oz Eye shadows
– Step-by-step guide

The set can be found at online at Sephora online, and may be in the stores in the next couple weeks. My stores in Austin, TX said its usually 2 weeks after it launches online which I believe was today. You will not want to miss this sale. These eyeshadows are priced at a steal !

Have you tried these? Alikay Naturals Line hair products.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.41.57 AM

My current favorite natural hair products. After trying so many natural hair products. I have come to an understanding between me and my tresses that they really enjoy being pampered from time to time. The products that I have been absolutely obsessing over are the entire Alikay Naturals hair product line.


All of the products in this line are extremely Moisturizing. They are very pricey, but a little bit of product really does go a very long way. The product that I tend to reach for the most when my hair is starting to feel dry is the Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt. This product provides so much moisture, and all you need is a quarter size depending on your hairs thickness, texture, and porosity. I apply the product on freshly co-washed hair and detangled hair. I make sure to towel dry while leaving my hair a bit damp to add water for extra slip. I section my hair into four sections, and apply a pea size of the shea yogurt for each section.


The ingredients are amazing, and the shea yogurt spells like a delicious Now & Later Candy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 4.25.00 PM

I know you all remember Now & Laters. They were the best! Okay, back to the product it is absolutely delicious smelling and the ingredients are all natural and very moisturizing for your hair. A little really does go a very long way so be sure to use the product sparingly. If not your hair may end up very greasy. You can find these products at https://www.alikaynaturals.com/ or at your local target or sally’s stores.

What products have you been loving lately?