Have you tried these? Alikay Naturals Line hair products.

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My current favorite natural hair products. After trying so many natural hair products. I have come to an understanding between me and my tresses that they really enjoy being pampered from time to time. The products that I have been absolutely obsessing over are the entire Alikay Naturals hair product line.


All of the products in this line are extremely Moisturizing. They are very pricey, but a little bit of product really does go a very long way. The product that I tend to reach for the most when my hair is starting to feel dry is the Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt. This product provides so much moisture, and all you need is a quarter size depending on your hairs thickness, texture, and porosity. I apply the product on freshly co-washed hair and detangled hair. I make sure to towel dry while leaving my hair a bit damp to add water for extra slip. I section my hair into four sections, and apply a pea size of the shea yogurt for each section.


The ingredients are amazing, and the shea yogurt spells like a delicious Now & Later Candy.

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I know you all remember Now & Laters. They were the best! Okay, back to the product it is absolutely delicious smelling and the ingredients are all natural and very moisturizing for your hair. A little really does go a very long way so be sure to use the product sparingly. If not your hair may end up very greasy. You can find these products at https://www.alikaynaturals.com/ or at your local target or sally’s stores.

What products have you been loving lately?